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Air Filters and Purifiers in Prince George

Western Canada has some of the freshest air in the world. But, dust, pollen, and allergens still find their way in to homes, causing discomfort, respiratory problems, and illness. Breathe easy! Prince George’s Polar Refrigeration Sales & Service offers a host of indoor air quality solutions from one of North America’s most trusted brands – Lennox®.


Trap particles and allergens before they enter your home! Lennox® offers a variety of air filters and cleaners to improve air purity and the respiratory health of your family. These include:

Did you know Prince George’s relative indoor humidity ranges from 5% in the winter to over 90% in the summer? We’d like to share with you a few products to help find that happy medium in indoor humidity.


Coughing, itchy skin, or dry eyes? Make wintertime easier with a humidifier from Lennox®. We currently feature these quality humidifiers:


Dust mites, insects, mould, and mildew all thrive in homes with high humidity and poor ventilation. These Lennox® dehumidifiers are great at capturing excess humidity and bringing comfort to your family. Our featured units include:


If you have kids, then you know germs are a fact of life. But, with germicidal light products from Lennox®, you can cut down on airborne contaminants such as mould and bacteria using high-intensity ultraviolet lights. And, no modifications to your existing system are required. The germicidal light systems we sell and service include:


Save on home heating cost with a heat recovery ventilator from Lennox. These units capture the warmth from the air before it’s discharged from your home. The heat recovery ventilators we offer are:


For fresher, cleaner indoor air, Polar Refrigeration Sales & Service is proud to offer a ventilation control system designed by Lennox®. This system is perfect for forced-air systems and can even lower your energy costs.

Let’s talk about improving the air quality of your home or office. Call a Polar Refrigeration service specialist today!

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