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Geothermal Heating Systems in Prince George


Compared to less chilling months, the winter can cause your energy bill to increase astronomically. You want to stay warm indoors, but you don’t want to be paying a fortune for heating. While conventional heating systems such as furnaces have their benefits, typically geothermal heating is a better option. Polar Refrigeration Sales & Service sells and installs geothermal heating systems for residential and commercial clients in the Prince George area. Utilizing geothermal energy and offering a host of benefits, geothermal heating in Prince George is the perfect solution to high energy bills and a large carbon footprint at your home or office.


Geothermal energy is the heat contained in the earth’s crust within rocks and fluid. In the crust, the earth absorbs and stores heat energy from the sun. It is a clean, renewable source of energy that has a very small environmental footprint. Using a geoexchange heat pump, geothermal energy can be used to heat buildings and homes.


Under the frost line, the earth’s surface maintains a nearly constant temperature of 10-16°C, meaning it’s warmer than the air above in the winter and cooler in the summer. A geoexchange system can transfer heat stored in the earth into a building during the winter and transfer it back into the ground during the summer to heat and cool your home or office as needed.


The upfront cost of installing a geothermal heating system in Prince George is relatively high compared to other systems; however, the long term benefits make up for this issue.


  • Energy efficiency: Compared to other systems, geothermal heating costs much less because of their efficiency, saving you anywhere from 30-60% on heating and 20-50% on cooling.

  • Environmental friendliness: Using clean, renewable energy from the sun, geothermal systems do not have any emissions.

  • Low maintenance: With fewer moving parts and protection for both indoor and outdoor elements, geothermal systems require minimal maintenance and can last up to 50 years.

  • Quiet operation: Unlike conventional heat pumps and air conditioners, geothermal units are very smooth with quiet operation.

If you think your home or office would benefit from the installation of a geothermal heating system in Prince George or the surrounding area, contact Polar Refrigeration Sales & Service to learn more.

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